11 月前

Bit TorrentBit torrent performs 16KB random reads/writes. The 16KB writes cause read-modify-write overhead. The read-modify-write overhead can reduce performance by a factor of 16 with 128KB record sizes when the amount of data written exceeds system memory. This can be avoided by using a dedicated dataset for bit torrent downloads with recordsize=16KB.When the files are read sequentially through a HTTP server, the random nature in which the files were generated creates fragmentation that has been observed to reduce sequential read performance by a factor of two on 7200RPM hard disks. If performance is a problem, fragmentation can be eliminated by rewriting the files sequentially in either of two ways:The first method is to configure your client to download the files to a temporary directory and then copy them into their final location when the downloads are finished, provided that your client supports this.The second method is to use send/recv to recreate a dataset sequentially.In practice, defragmenting files obtained through bit torrent should only improve performance when the files are stored on magnetic storage and are subject to significant sequential read workloads after creation.

19 月前

记录 宽带 今天折腾了一下路由器桥接,需要登陆光猫修改设置。但我在查找了几个光猫超级账号之后,发现他们都已经过时了,无法登陆我的光猫。在询问了联通工作人员后,得到了以下账号,希望能给同样正在折腾的朋友们一些帮助。(毕竟直接打电话问联通客服的话,她是不会给你工作人员的电话的,也就没法联系;我也是曾经报修了一次才记下联通工作人员的电话。)超级账号登陆地址:用户名:cqadmin密码:cqunicom